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With the goal of going beyond boundaries and helping thousands of Vietnamese people around the world have an automatic income system – a smart system based on high-tech platforms, done once and for all. , we have built an advanced solution in the field of building and operating a simple and effective online system. Our solution is designed to help those who want an online business system with the following features: Automatically search for customers, automatically interact with customers, automatically convert customers and automatically take care of customers. client.

Our core values ​​are based on the successful experiences of members of the VivaNow community, and that principle is prevalent in every activity we do. We are committed to always accompanying and being responsible with our members until they achieve success.

We operate on transparency, ethics and efficiency. We always affirm the value of being honest, keeping promises and delivering optimal results for our members.

our mission

5 different factors that make up our success


Build a sustainable personal brand from your core values ​​through your story, helping to discover your inner strength by returning inside yourself to find the truth:
• Who I am?
• Whose dream am I living?
• What is my goal in this life? ”


Create the fastest and most effective path for you to achieve financial freedom through a completely automated process, without spending a lot of time and capital.


Where there is always the companionship of leading advisors and experts in the fields of: building a personal brand, business, leadership, healing, prosperous consciousness... Discussing and answering all questions where you are stuck, where you are always encouraged to help you reach your life's destination.


You don't need to have any business background, and you don't need to be a technology expert to do this job, because the system already provides everything you need: Experience, support tools. , training, products... Your job is to follow the available journey and "experience" success.


An environment for you to freely shine and do meaningful things for society through community activities.

our team

Core Team

Mr. Kevin Pham

Marketing Director

Mrs. Hoa Huynh

Master mindset trainer

Mrs. Loan Pham

Business Consultant

Mr. Louie Than

Chemical engineer

Mr. Trung Chau

Computer engineer

Mrs. Quynh Vo

Investor - Entrepreneur - Mentor

Mr. Duy Tran

Designer Computer engineering

our team

Core team

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